Rainbow Mobiles

Rainbow Mobiles

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Our monochromatic Mobiles are the perfect addition to any nursery. The simple contrast between natural wood beads and the tassels, rainbows and pompoms are sure to delight both baby and parents alike. The tassels are handmade from 100% hand-dyed bamboo yarn (such a gorgeous sheen!). A gentle breeze (window or fan!) will encourage subtle movement of the mobile which encourages some stimulation for your little as he/she tracks the motion of the tassels.

Custom Orders:
While the standard colours include Black, White (Milk), Grey, Pink, Mustard (pompoms) and Teal it is possible to offer a custom combination of these colours

Approx. Dimensions:
Large 250mm wide
Small 180mm wide

All products are hand made and beaded (with love!) and as a result there may be slight variations in pattern and size